Tuesday, March 12, 2013

MediaFire Download Tutorial

I have had email after email and comment and comment (most I don't post here on the blog, just respond to privately) with questions about downloading from MediaFire. Most of the your questions are wondering if you need to subscribe in order to download. The answer is a GREAT BIG NO!! Thankfully! Because if you had to pay to download what's the point in giving it away for free! Of course if you'd you'd like to, please feel free. MediaFire is an excellent resource and a great deal for those of you who might need the file space but I'm guessing the majority of you don't :)

For those of you who are having problems, I wanted to post this short tutorial on how to download from their site free. They've changed their site recently and added a couple little "tricks" to try and get you to purchase but it's not at all necessary.

There's a small down arrow at the top right-hand side of the page... click on that to go the download page.

Here's where it gets a little tricky. The center box has what looks like a $1.50 sign-up charge to download. This is just an advertisement -- ignore it -- unless you want to sign up with them, of course. Just below it, click on the long, green download button and your file will begin to download right away.

This should clear up any problems you have with downloading over at MediaFire.

Some of you are also having a problem over at Scridb. Most my large files are linked to MediaFire and a few of those are also linked to Scridb. If you have problems with Scridb, I would suggest you try the MediaFire link in the post first. If you continue to have problem, then let me know.

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