About Notebooking Nook

I'm Betsy. I'm a wife, homeschool mom, and notebooking publisher... but I'm so much more... just like you! I've devoted this blog mainly to homeschooling (and of course notebooking) over the years but I also write a little about my family life and interests. Besides being a homeschooling veteran of over 16 years, I also love to entertain, travel, organize spaces, create decor for my home, refurbish furniture, read, cook and bake, homestead, family history, food storage, and there are a ton of other things I love to do. I'm a big-time do-it-yourselfer!  I also write about things that inspire me (and hopefully you), as well as some of my many semi-coherent musings. 

Some Facts and Kinda Arbitrary Things About Me 
  • I've seen 49 of the 50 states... I just need to see Alaska... methinks a cruise might be in my future :)
  • I'm a certified scuba diver but I don't really like to dive...
  • I kinda love Pinterest! I think it's one of the coolest websites out there!
  • We have about 40 peacocks, about 10 turtles, 5 geese, 3 dogs, a cow, a potbelly pig, and a duck. Next I would like to get about 5 laying hens. 
  • I love Hot Tamales!
  • I'm the 4th of 9 kids to awesome parents who have been married for 51+ years.
  • I love to create notebooking pages... I really do! And I love to share them!
  • My husband is super awesome... I love him a million times more than the day I married him. Such a catch ;)
  • I met and married my husband on Fridays the 13th... not the same one but only 6 months apart. We'll be married for 25 years this May. 
  •  We have 3 boys and 3 girls... 5 of our own and 1 we helped raise for a friend of ours.

You can contact me here or just leave a comment on a post if you have any questions, comments, or concerns about any of my products or anything here on my blog.

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