Friday, March 15, 2013

St. Patrick's Day - Best FREE Resources on the Web

There's a LOT of great stuff available for St. Patrick's Day!! I didn't add everything I found but I added a few Pinterest boards at the bottom with a bunch of fun stuff as well.

I'm getting this out SO MUCH later than planned (I sorta had my daughter's wedding to plan and stuff;) But you can always save these to your computer for next year -- that way you don't loose track of all this greatness. Because I'm so absent minded, I send myself alerts on my phone to remind myself of the file on my computer I saved for something later... is that completely insane? I hope not! I just can't keep track of it all!! Haha!

First, here's a little about St. Patrick. There's a lot more out there, so don't limit yourselves :)

St. Patrick's Day Notebooking Pages for your little ones from Yours Truly :)

There's always lots of fun crafts and activity ideas over at Enchanted Learning

Make some sweet shamrock pretzels from Spoonful! Yummo!! 

Here are a few really fun Pinterest boards that are sure to inspire you! They did me! These are in no particular order... they're all awesome!

 photo Slide1-12.jpg

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