Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Freebie: 9/11 ~ Never Forget Notebooking Pages

Includes 1 cover page and 30 basic-lined notebooking pages.

We plan to take some time this week and discuss and learn more about some of the events that took place 11 years ago today. My youngest kids were only 2 and 5 at that time but I remember it like it was yesterday. I was making breakfast while my husband was out feeding the animals with our children. I had the news turned on in the family room and saw the first plane crash into the first Trade Center. I immediately ran out and got my husband. We knew in our hearts it wasn't an accident and when we saw the second plane crash our first thoughts were confirmed. This is an important time in our country's history and I'm sure we can all remember where we were or what we were doing when that fatal attack happened on our country's soil. I feel it's my duty to pass these memories on to my children. 

When my youngest children were very young, I only told them of much of the heroism that took place and a few other details. But I didn't want to worry their little minds with fear of this happening again. But now that they are older, I feel it's time for them to see more of what happened that day. While I'm choosing to teach my kids more about 9/11 than you may choose to, the pages are designed and appropriate for any age child.

Below are a few resources I found that you could use alongside these pages. My children are older, so please review the resources below to make sure they would be appropriate for your children as some of the material is very graphic.


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Kela said... Best Blogger Tips

Thank you So much for these resources!

Tabitha (a.k.a. Penny) said... Best Blogger Tips

I received some requests about this yesterday. Thanks so much! Shared through Facebook, G+, and Pinterest. :)

Fibia said... Best Blogger Tips

The Download Now link is not working.

Jessica said... Best Blogger Tips

The link is not working it says that the file is invalid or has been removed and to submit a "ticket". Thank you for making these available.

Betsy Stout said... Best Blogger Tips

My apologies! The link is working now. I guess I shouldn't work on things like this at midnight :)

And Tabitha, thanks so much for sharing!

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