Saturday, March 13, 2010

Fab Fridays - Hoover Dam, Discovery Museum and Dinner Show

I grew up 10 minutes from Hoover Dam and spent lots of time down there as a kid. I can't tell you how many school and church field trips I took there while growing up. Since 9/11 lots has changed at the dam and because it became sort of a hassle to go because of security and such I hadn't taken my kids there since then. Well, I decided it was time and plus I wanted to see how the construction of the new Hoover Dam bypass was coming along.

Well, lots had changed since the good old days. When I was a kid a full tour was about $7 and this included going into the dam. Now just to park is $7 and then another $8 a person just to go into the visitors center. If you want the full tour (which includes a movie) you're going to pay $30 a pop!!! We only did the visitors center, but if we go again we'll park on the Arizona side and walk across the dam and just take pictures. That's doesn't cost anything. Anyway, there's also a free dam movie at the Hotel near by but we didn't have time to stop to see that this particular day. I do plan on taking the kids to see that another day or we'll just find something on Netflix to watch :)

There were a few interactive activities in the new Hoover Dam visitors center.

This is part of the memorial for those who lost their lives building the dam.

We also went to the Lied Discovery Children's Museum with my sister and her 5 kids. It's mostly for younger kids but my kids had a great time anyway. There were still lots of things to keep them interested.

Christian spent a lot of time making bubbles... he loved this!

Christian had also just finished writing a report about tornados so this was fun for him too!

My sister, Jenny, and her two oldest kids at the Discovery Museum

Melanie in the 80 mph wind... too much fun!

The last thing we did this day was go to the Tournament of the Kings show at the Excalibur Hotel. Unfortunately, we didn't take any pictures... very disappointed about that, ARG!! But it was very fun. It's a dinner show and we were served chicken, vegetables, roll, and potato wedges and we you don't get any utensils, so we ate with our hands... pretty fun. The kids had a great time!

This is WAY more than we would typically do in one day but we were in Vegas and we tried to fit in more than usual.


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NJF said... Best Blogger Tips

HI! I live in Las Vegas and have been to all the spots in your post.:) I'm glad you were able to find some of the family fun activities in Vegas.

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