Wednesday, August 5, 2009

25% Off All Titles Through August 19

We have all our titles 25% off now through August 19th! Now is a wonderful time to save on all our products.

Here are a few examples of what we have to offer...

*NEW* Insect Combo - Sale Price $6.00

This combo includes:

  • Insect Mini-books
  • Insect Notebooking Pages
  • Honeybee Mini-books

Joyful Steward Student Planners - Sale Price $7.50

This set includes 3 planners: Primary Level, Intermediate Boy and Intermediate Girl as well as assignment cards

Each is a 36 Week Planner

Included in the Primary Level:
Weekly Copywork / Memory Work
Weekly Student Checklist
Weekly Obedient Checklist
Book of the Week
Trait of the Week
Weely Calendar

Included in the Intermediate Level Planners:
Weekly Copywork / Memory Verse
Weekly Subject Checklist
Weekly Chore Checklist
Book Assignments
Character & Life Skills
Weekly Calendar
Extra Pages:
Several Assignment Pages to Choose From
Book Log

All 50 States Notebooking Pages - Sale Price $13.87

This set of notebooking pages includes the follow for each state notebook:

  • 2 Cover Pages
  • Basic State Facts
  • Region and Geography Page
  • 4 State Flag Pages
  • 4 State Seal Pages
  • 2 State Quarter Pages
  • 3 State Bird Pages, includes coloring page
  • 3 State Flower Pages, includes coloring page
  • 3 State Tree Pages, includes coloring page
  • 2 State Song Pages
  • 3 Major Bodies of Water Pages, includes maps
  • 3 Large Cities Pages, includes maps
  • 5 Economy Pages
  • 5 State Capital Pages
  • 3 Mapping Pages
  • 5 History Pages
  • 2 Famous People Pages
  • 4 Native American Tribes Pages
  • 4 Tourism Pages
  • 2 Field Trip Pages
  • 8 Additional Templates

Great Inventors - Complete Set of Notebooking Pages - Sale Price $7.50

Inventors included:
  • James Watt
  • Robert Fulton
  • George Stephenson
  • Eli Whitney
  • Elias Howe
  • Cyrus McCormick
  • Henry Bessemer
  • Johannes Gutenberg
  • Samuel F.B. Morse
  • Thomas Edison
  • Orville & Wilbur Wright

Medieval World Combo - Sale Price $11.25

This set includes:

  • Famous People and Events of the Middle Ages
  • Daily Life in the Medieval World
  • The Vikings Notebooking Pages
  • More than 800 Pages in All

Psalms Copywork and Memorization - Sale Price $3.00

Psalms Copywork and Memorization Set 2 - Sale Price $3.00

Book of Ruth Copywork and Memorization - Sale Price $3.00

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Don't miss this opportunity to save through August 19th!

Have a wonderful school year!



Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Now, I'm embarrassed, because it looks as if I could have posted my question here. If I wanted to ask specific questions regarding the boys planner, how would I contact you?


Notebooking Nook said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi Sheila,

I hope you get this... you can contact me at


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