Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Honey Jar Wedding Favors

I'm taking a little break from wedding planning to show you what my daughter and I came up with for her wedding favors. Cassie's having a rustic style wedding and she thought it might be cute to pass out honey jars... which is quite trendy from I've been told :)

I purchased the jars empty (I'll add the link to the empty jars below in the supplies list) and filled them with honey that I purchased at Sam's Club. One case has 160 jars. We decided to purchase them empty because, 1) it was more cost effective and 2) we wanted to create our own look.

Supply List: (Note: This tutorial makes 160 jars)
  • 160 - 1.5 ounce jam jars w/lids  
  • honey of your choice -- I used about 15 pounds 
  • 1 1/4 yard of any fabric (we choose lace) cut into 4" squares
  • cutting board (optional -- you don't need if you use scissors)
  • rotary cutter (optional -- you could also use scissors or pinking shears))
  • scissors (optional)
  • measure stick (optional)
  • 24 weight ivory paper
  • paper cutter
  • double-stick tape
  • large clear elastics
  • twine (I got the kind in the hardware section of Wal-mart... it ties easier)
  • color printer
The jars come in a box with NO kind of cushion or wrapping. I ordered 2 cases and didn't have a broken jar in the bunch. So I suppose they know what they're doing :)

First, add honey to all your jars. I used about 15 pounds. Do not attempt to use honey from a 5 gallon bucket! I don't think that would work well at all. I mean you can, of course, if you'd like to but I personally wouldn't :) I used 3 / 5 pound squeezable bottles. 

I next cut out my 4" squares and added them to the lids with the clear elastic. I think this creates a better look than just adding the twine. Plus it holds the lace into place while adding the twine. 

Next, add twine or ribbon bows. We used about 17" pieces for our jars. We precut them to make adding them quicker.

Meant to BEE... Honey :)
I then created labels to add to the jars. I tried to use a label maker but it wouldn't line up right for me when printing them out. But if you're a pro with that, that's what I would do... much faster! If you use address labels, you obviously won't need the double-stick tape. My labels measured 1"x3" and fit perfectly.

That's it! We loved how they turned out! Only 9 more days until the wedding!

I'll be adding a lot more of what we are doing for the wedding when I make time for that... which might be after the wedding is over. We'll see!

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BottomLine said... Best Blogger Tips

Adorable! We actually met on Halloween and I was a bumble bee so we were going to do the same idea! Do you know how much this saved? Thanks!

Rachel C. said... Best Blogger Tips

That is so cute and exactly what I was looking to do for my wedding! Would you mind sharing the approximate cost? Thanks so much!

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