Thursday, October 25, 2012

Exciting Day! Taking a Break from the Blog

Today we're picking up our son after serving his 2 year mission in The Netherlands teaching in Dutch. Here's a pic of  him with some gorgeous tulips. We're going to tour his and my daughter's missions late Spring. I'm excited to see the fields of tulips and windmills as well as the beautiful sites of both England and The Netherlands!

We are extremely excited to have him home! We will be spending time together as family and will have lots of family and friends in town over the next couple weeks.

I will not be posting my 5 Fab Freebies Friday, or anything for that matter, for the next couple weeks.

I hope all is well with your families. Enjoy your time together - it's so precious.



a49erfangirl said... Best Blogger Tips

Enjoy your time with your son :) The place he is in sounds gorgeous. I love tulips and windmills. See you when you get back posting :)

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

How wonderful! :)

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