Thursday, October 4, 2012

5 Fab Freebies Friday Link Up - Something New!

I'm starting something new here on my blog that I hope you'll be a part of as well. I LOVE awesome freebies of all kinds and I'm pretty sure you all do to. I think it might be fun to share 5 freebies that I found useful or fun with you each Friday. I'd love it if you joined in as well!  

This week I'm posting a day early because this will hopefully give some of you time to put a list together. I'm keeping the list short because finding more than 5 a week may become a chore :) However, you also don't have to post 5... you can post as many as you'd like. I'm sure we'd all love to see what great freebie/s you've found! I hope you'll join in when you can.

Most of my future link-up's will be subject/topic specific but this time they're just 5 random freebies. You can post your freebies however you'd like to. I've already started next weeks... but you'll have to come back to see what they are :)

So what are the rules? 
  • Link back to the post so others can find all the great freebies others will be posting. You can add the button to your post or to your sidebar. You can find a button with code on my sidebar. 
  • Be sure to add your link at the end of this post as well so others can find your freebies - that's pretty key when linking up :)

  • When posting your link, please make sure the link is going directly to the post. For example, is not correct but is correct. If I find links that are not posted corrected they will be removed and I don't want to have to do that :(
  • The freebies don't have to be school related but that would be preferred. However if you find great freebies for things for our homes and/or fun stuff for the kids, please pass those along.
  • Share what you've created... PLEASE! That's basically the point here. But if you don't have anything of your own to share I'm sure you have lots of great things you've found.
  • DO NOT share a purchased, copyrighted download. They must be free from the publisher or website! I will delete any copyrighted work.
  • I'd love if you liked me on any one of my social networks... Facebook pageTwitterPinterest or Google Plus.
That's about it! Have fun with this and I'm excited to see what you'll share!

 Here's what I'm sharing this week! 

Photo Copyright

 I downloaded these fonts a couple weeks ago and I LOVE THEM. There are 28 fonts in this collection and they are so cute. Awesome fonts for creating printables! I used these in my recently added Reading Journal Prompt Pages (which are still a work in progress).

A super cute set of frames that can be used to create printables. I used some from this collection with the My Months of the Year Notebook I recently added here free. So adorable!

{4} ClipArt ETC

This is a great place to find free classical images. I love how they have separated them into different categories to make it easy to find what you're looking for.

With my youngest being 13 we obviously don't use this site anymore but we did everyday when he was little. Being the youngest of 6 kids he basically taught himself to read using this site. It offers free reading lessons, worksheets and more. This is an excellent resource for busy moms with young kids.


The Wise Owl said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks for posting a great linky! I'm your newest follower :) - Kate @ The Wise Owl

Melissa Telling said... Best Blogger Tips

Tomorrow is going to be super busy around here, so I figured I better post this today. I also pinned you on Pinterest. :)

Betsy Stout said... Best Blogger Tips

@Melissa Telling Melissa, I hope you don't mind but I added your post to the link-ups so it will get more views. The comments section sometimes gets ignored :) Thanks for sharing - your freebies are awesome!

Jennifer Smith Sloane said... Best Blogger Tips

Loving it! I just linked mine up and can't wait to come back and see all the freebies this weekend! :)

Right Down the Middle said... Best Blogger Tips

I just posted my freebie! Thanks for hosting this! I am your newest follower.


Addie said... Best Blogger Tips

What a fabulously fun idea!! Thanks for hosting.

Addie Education - Teacher Talk

genamayo said... Best Blogger Tips

What a great idea! Thanks!
--Gena at

2 Dynamic Moms Homeschooling Adventures said... Best Blogger Tips

Thank you for this Betsy. Love the tongue twister

I heart freebies too :o)

Thank you also for listing my free 7 Step Curriculum Planner. I just linked my 5 freebies here.

2 Dynamic Moms Homeschooling Adventures

Stephanie said... Best Blogger Tips

I just happened to find your blog today and I LOVE your 5 Fabulous Freebies idea!! I'm now following you and am so excited for this Friday. I am getting a post ready for freebies to link up this week. :) Thanks for the opportunity to share!

Stephanie @

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