Thursday, March 1, 2012

Surprise Free Download

Yesterday did a special freebie giveaway that I mentioned here on the blog... hopefully you all were able to take advantage of all those goodies!  I had enrolled to give one away as well, but being that there are so many publishers at Currclick, I didn't get mine in on time.  

I just want to thank you all for being such awesome supporters to me over the last almost 5 years and for that I'm going to give you all the freebie I had intended to give away.  You will need to use the discount link I provide below in order to receive it free.  I'll keep what it is a surprise :)  I hope you enjoy it!

This link expires at mid-night tonight! Let your homeschool friends know about it! Thanks again!!

If you have a little time, I'd love it if you rated or reviewed the download. Currclick should send you a reminder to do that a few days after you download it. Thanks!


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