Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Organizing All That Unused Paper

This looks like a somewhat decent way to store your paper and for me it worked for many years.  BUT, it took up not only the  three shelves shown in this picture, but two others.... that's 5 shelves I could have been using for something else, like BOOKS for example.  I wanted a different way of storing all that unused paper.

If you do notebooking or lapbooking, chances are you have a lot of paper in several weights and colors.  I like to keep the colors and weights separate from one another... just a little OCD :)  Anyway, I saw this paper organization system on a blog several months ago and I WISH I knew where it came from!  If you do please let me know so I can give credit where it's due.  Anyway,  it's so easy and makes so much sense, I can't believe I didn't think of it before.

All you need is a file crate and hanging folders. I use colored folders and put the same or similar colors in the files.  So here's my version of this system.

So easy! Now...  what to do with all those paper trays?  I know what to do with the 5 empty shelves! :)

Let me know how you store your paper.  I'm always open to new and different ideas!  I'm working on organizing my schoolroom better so any and all ideas are welcome!

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The Zookeeper said... Best Blogger Tips

I actually love the idea with the crate!! Looks pretty cool too! Just might draw the kiddos attention!!

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