Friday, January 27, 2012

2011-2012 Curriculum Choices for Christian

I meant to post this ages ago :)

Together School:

I use the hardbound copy and each of the kids has their own soft bound copy to follow along.

Christian - 7th grade

Language Arts

Writing: The Complete Writer: Writing With Skill Level 1
Grammar: Easy Grammar
Literature: I choose literature to go along with our history studies

Geography: We study the geography that goes along with our history

Science: Rainbow Science

Personal Reading: I expect Christian to read at least one chapter from a book on his reading level.  He is allowed to choose the book as long as I approve.  He's not a big fan of reading but once he gets into a book he usually can't put it down :)

Music: Piano lessons (practice 20-30 daily)

Physical Fitness: Martial Arts (3 days a week)

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