Friday, September 9, 2011

My Baby's on a Mission!

Literally, my baby's on a mission! Our oldest daughter, Ali, decided over last Thanksgiving break that she would like to serve a mission for our church.  She went through the process of filling out her paperwork and received her calling in May.  She was called to serve in the England Leeds Mission and she reported to the Preston, England Missionary Training Center (MTC) on August 5.  She left the MTC on August 26 and entered the mission field and is now serving in the small coastal town of Redcar.  She is doing great and loving every minute of her mission so far.  She has already learned so much about herself and is growing in the gospel daily through prayer, diligent study, and service.  We're grateful to have children who are willing to give up all worldly things, school for a time, and precious time with family and friends to serve the Lord.  

We all miss Ali, but are so proud of her and her choice to serve a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  We love you, Sister Stout!!!

Btw, young men serve for 24 months and young women for 18 months.  Ali will return home 3 and a half months after Jonathan, who is serving in the Belgium/Netherlands Mission.

Here are a few pics and the video of her opening her call.

One last family picture before she left for England.

Some of her friends coming by to wish her well and say goodbye.

Taken on our way to security at the airport... it was a difficult goodbye for all of us :(

Sister Stout with her MTC group.  She in the second row back, 3rd in from the right.

She loves England!

Ali doing some street contacting.

LDS missionaries do not know where they will be called to serve.  So opening that envelope is an exciting time for them and their families.  Ali has always had a great desire to study and live in England, so when she received her call she and the entire family were very excited for her.  She felt that Heavenly Father knew the righteous desires of her heart and sent her to a place she'd love to go.  She said she'd be studying and the sharing the most important thing in the world while there - the gospel of Jesus Christ.

For those of you who are not members of our church, here is simple explanation of what our missionaries do.


Hartley2 said... Best Blogger Tips

How exciting for Ali and your family.
Mike also severed in Leeds England a hundred years ago, or so it seems.

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh, wow, that's awesome!

She is definitely having to step outside her "comfort zone" haha! Her emails are great to read - her growth is amazing in such short time! She's loving it and is having the time of her life!

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