Friday, January 7, 2011

ProClick Binding Machine

One of the most used tools in our homeschool would have to be my ProClick Binding Machine.  It has been invaluable to me over the years!  I've bound nearly every notebook we've ever created with this.  We have also used binders quite a bit, so I can't say that we've used it with all our notebooks.  Many times, instead of placing our lapbooking elements into a folder, I will bind a book and place them in that instead.  I usually only do this if our study became very extensive and it would require so many folders it becomes too much.  

So, I thought I'd add my pros and cons about my experience with my Proclick.

  • The spines can open and close so you can continue to add to your project.  It comes with a handy little tool to help you reopen the spines.
  • The spines come in a variety of sizes... up to 110 pages!
  • The spines can be easily cut down so you can use them for smaller projects or smaller paper
  • Pages lay flat, which allows you to put your book together and continue to work on it.  
  • The ProClick is small and easy to store
  • Very easy to use, even a child could use it
  • I can only punch about 6-7 pages at at time and only 2 pieces of card stock
  • I can't bind large papers, such as 12x12 scrapbook sheets.
Honestly, neither of the cons have ever been an issue for me.  But, I thought I'd add them in case it might be an issue for you.  

I'm completely thrilled with my Proclick and I highly recommend this for both the notebooking and lapbooking homeschooler!

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