Sunday, November 14, 2010

World Diabetes Awareness Day

There on the shoulders of Einstein, is my insanely beautiful and wonderful daughter, Cassie.  I know I've mentioned a few other times that she has type 1 diabetes, but today is World Diabetes Awareness day, so I want to spotlight her once again.

Anyone who knows Cassie loves her to pieces.  She is one of those unique people who light up a room every time she's in your presence.  She is one of the kindest and most giving people I know.  Cassie was diagnosed with type 1 on December 7, 2008 and it is a rare day that I hear her complain about the things she has to do on a daily basis.  She is truly one of my heros and I'm so proud of her and her contagious positive attitude.

Despite everything she goes though with her checking her blood several times a day, giving herself several injections of insulin a day, and the low blood sugars she get often because she is insulin sensitive, she stays extremely active and hates when people act like she can't do something or eat something because she is diabetic.  But, she is learning patience through this trail she will have throughout her life.

I want her to know how much I love her!  How grateful and humbled I am to be her mom.  How extremely thankful I am for insulin that keeps her alive.  I look forward to a cure in her lifetime and really feel it is a real possibility.  How blessed I am to know she loves her Savior and allows His great atonement to work in her life.  She is such a great blessing to me and the rest of our family.

I found this video that spotlights some of the buildings that will be lit up in blue around the world today in support of finding a cure for diabetes.  It also tells a little about type 1 diabetes and what signs to look for.  Please take the time to watch... I was in the dark about my daughter for a long time before her diagnoses and I wished I had paid closer attention so we could have diagnosed her sooner.  Click here to read more about the warning signs of type 1.

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