Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Washing Machine Woes

I'm writing this post as a venting session to myself.  I'm going to have a little pity party, so if you're not big into complaining, now is the time leave :)  Actually, I think I've been very patient with my washing machine problems...

One month ago I was visiting my daughters who attend college in Utah and came home to a broken washing machine.

Background... I purchased this washing machine soon after our house fire (Dec. 07) and this is the fourth time it's broken seen then!  Because it's a different problem then the last three times, and it didn't happen within a one year timeframe, they won't replace it!!!

(Back to my venting) It took over a week to get anyone here to look at it.  The repairman said the control panel is burned out and he'd be able to get a new one in a week or two!!!  So I patiently said, I guess that's gonna have to be okay!  Well it was nearly two weeks before the part came in and once he received my part, he held it hostage until LOWES (where I purchased the machine with an EXTENDED and REPLACEMENT WARRANTY) would pay for his travel costs.

So, then I'm the middle man between Lowes and the repairman... seriously, they were bickering and complaining about each other to me!!!  Finally, I told Lowe's that they had better pay the travel costs or I'm going to take them to small claims court and get a new washing machine!  Well, they finally agreed to pay his travel costs and the guy was supposed to come out on Monday to fix it, but was sick.  Then, when he finally did show up... IT WAS THE WRONG PART!!!  (taking deep breaths!!!)

Well, I'm now back at square one!  The repairman is going to want to be paid for coming out again.  I live in a sorta rural area and he has to travel about 50 miles to get here.  I hate to complain, but I'm sick to death of going to the laundry mat!

(Calming down now)  So, the moral of this story is... don't buy Whirlpool's Cabrio Top Load Washing Machine!  Also, don't buy from a large retailer, such as Lowes.  I think you get much better customer service from your small local businesses.

In comparison, about ten years ago I purchased a washing machine that broke 3 times overs a 2 or 3 year period from a local mom and pop shop and they replaced both the washer and the dryer after the third break.

So, now I get to call Lowes once more and see what they are going to do to get my washer working :(  I just hope I don't have to go another full month before it's fixed!


Deanna said... Best Blogger Tips

What happened to your Cabrio? That's my same machine and we haven't had a problem in the past year but maybe something's coming...??
I'm biding my time waiting on a good old fashioned wringer washer! LOL


Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

The first 3 times my motor went out. This last time it was the control panel. I'm sure I have a lemon! I hope yours holds up better than mine. Best of luck with that! :D

I have to admit, that I like it a lot, when it works. But, this brake down takes the prize for letting me down, big time!

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