Thursday, November 18, 2010

How to Add a Flap to a Lapbook

Today I received an email from Tracie asking how to add a flap to a lapbook, like the one above.  I put together a short tutorial for those who are unsure about how to do this.

The supplies I use are the lapbook (file folder), card stock or 24 weight paper, and packing tape.  You can use other kinds of type, but I prefer packing tape for its durability.

I cut a piece of tape about the width of the lapbook when it's closed.

I then attach the lapbook to the tape using about half the height of the tape.

Last, I just place the paper on top of the remainder of the tape and then you're ready to add your minibooks!

Tracie also asked if I ever use construction paper as a flap.  I don't use it because I find it to be very flimsy.  I choose the weight of my paper after I know what the weight of my minibooks are going to be that I add to the flap.  Some lapbook elements, like a pocket, would need a heavier weight paper.  You can also cut the center portion of another file folder (once you fold it like a lapbook) out and add that to your lapbook in the same way.  This is slightly heavier than the card stock for a little more stability and it is the same length, which looks a little nicer finished.

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Sheri said... Best Blogger Tips

hey ya-I see you have a nice tutorial here, and I am sure it will bless many. Wouldn't ya love to not have to do all that work for a flap? My pal is going to be launching her new line of lapbook stuff and one of em is a precut lapbook with a flap! Seriously-she listened to a couple suggestions I had about lapbook woes and that was one of them (I tend to make like huge lapbooks with flaps galore so this is a nice alternative). If you are interested, I can come back here and let you know when she has the info on her blog/website. There's another goodie that no one else has that will help store em too. Can ya tell I am excited? LOL
Anyhoo-I saw this and had to respond...I am her unofficial sales lady I guess-but as long as she keeps me supplied with the goods, I will be happy :0)

Have a great weekend-

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