Friday, October 22, 2010

My Pantry

I've had so many of my family and friends suggest that I post photos of my pantry on my blog and I've finally decided to go for it.  First, I just want to say for those who may not know, our house burned down about three years ago and of course when something like that happens you get to 'redo' all those things you didn't like in the previous house.  I had a large pantry in my last home, but it never really worked for me.  I always wanted those can rotation racks, for starters.  I loved that idea and I was definitely going to make those part of my new pantry.  Second, I wanted to be able to fit 5 gallon buckets on my shelves for food storage.  I don't have any of those on there right now, but I wanted that to be an option for me.

The original plan was to put in a large pantry and a counter top for my crock pot, and other larger/small appliances to sit on.  We used the original foundation of the house and needed to rebuild with nearly the same dimensions as the old house.  So, we made the kitchen and family room smaller and even took out one bedroom to add a VERY large pantry/extra kitchen.  We entertain a lot, not to mention having lots of kids who have lots of get togethers themselves, so it's been nice to have a space for that.  

We hired several carpenters while building the house for about a week and then hired full-time the one that would work for the least amount of money, but was still really good at his trade.  He ended up doing lots of carpentry work for us that we would have never been able to do in a good economy.  

One last thing, when our house burned down most of our old major appliances still worked (they were banged up but hey, they worked) and our cabinets were in pretty good shape, just banged up from roof tiles hitting them.  So we reused all those in the pantry.  We repainted all the cabinets and the only appliance we purchased for that space was a dishwasher.   I know, I know... most people don't have a dishwasher in their pantry, but it's actually an extra kitchen too. 

Welcome to my pantry/extra kitchen... I could have cleaned the door before taking the pic!  Oh well!
100_0151.jpg picture by stouttribe

Here are those can rotation racks I mentioned.  I LOVE them!!! I got them at a Walmart in Utah for about $150.00 each.... I think.  So worth it!
100_0146.jpg picture by stouttribe

I had these corner shelves that I didn't know what to do with and I saw these super cute canisters on a little of this. a little of that  and I loved them!  So I went to Walmart and bought eight of them (about $7 each) and put some of my bulk stuff in them.  I currently have canisters for flour, bread flour, sugar, brown sugar, pancake mix, rice, pecans, and walnuts.  I love them so much and have room for more so I'm thinking I'll do some beans, powered sugar, chocolate chips.... I don't know, I just really like them A LOT!  You can purchase the vinyl for the canisters at Say it on the Wall.
100_0145.jpg picture by stouttribe

Here's a closer look at my canisters.  Aren't they super cute?!
100_0142.jpg picture by stouttribe

Here are my shelves that can old 5 gallon buckets.  Well, at least the 5 bottom shelves can all the way across.  I think we set it up so I can get 6 buckets on each shelf.  
100_0147.jpg picture by stouttribe

You can't really see them, but I put labels below each shelf so the kids know where to put everything.  I think it's pretty obvious, but they always seem to put things away in the wrong place.  The labels keep them accountable.  
100_0148.jpg picture by stouttribe

Here's the shot of the pantry side of the room. (sorry it's blurry)  As you can see I have a double oven there on the left which came from the old house.  The door leads to my garage which makes unloading groceries very convenient!  
100_0153.jpg picture by stouttribe

Here's the 'kitchen' side of my pantry.... I know it's completely over the top, but I seriously couldn't talk my husband out of it when we rebuilt the house.  He wanted to use the old cabinets and said he'd rather have a smaller kitchen and family room and have this space then not.  You probably can't tell, but there are 4 crock pots on the left side counter from a party we had the other night.  We had over 100 people at our house last weekend.  So when I say we entertain, I'm not kidding!  My husband and I are both one of nine kids and our Thanksgivings are always at our house and we usually have over 75 people attend.  It's been a nice way to keep everything out of the way when we have large get-togethers.  
100_0152.jpg picture by stouttribe

In the cabinets are all my small appliances, serving dishes that I use when I entertain and our nicer dishes that I only pull out on special occasions.  But, this is also the 'kids kitchen' and when they have friends over they use this one so I don't have to see the mess.  So there are also a couple cabinets with plastic dishes and pots and pans for them to use.

I have to admit that sometimes it stinks having both kitchens.  First of all, the kids eat in the dinning room then put the 'pantry' dishes in the main kitchen and we are always having to take those dishes into the other room after washing them.  Second, I HAVE 2 KITCHENS TO CLEAN!!! Who needs that! But we don't use it so much that it's that big of a deal most the time.

All in all, I'm glad my sweetheart talked me into this space.  It's been a lifesaver when we entertain.



Sandy said... Best Blogger Tips

Well, now I have serious pantry envy. You did a great job!

Lori said... Best Blogger Tips

Wow! Now I have serious pantry envy. :) I love the rotation racks. Thanks for sharing.

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