Saturday, September 25, 2010

School and Chore Charts Tutorial

School & Chore Charts
So nearly 20,000 of you have downloaded this chore chart system, but do you use it?  Do you see the vision here?  So many times I download something from the internet and think to myself "well, that's cute, but I don't get it."  So yesterday, I made my son a new chart (the last one got destroyed long ago when we moved).  I know, it took me nearly two year to get around to making him a new one.  I'm not sure why?   I guess I thought he was getting too old for it.  But, when he saw it finished he said "Oh mom, I remember that chart... I loved it!"  Then my 14 year old daughter asked when hers was going to be finished.   I was shocked!  But, it's so easy to use, you'll see why.

Here's what you'll need to get started:
  • half size poster board (if you're using the smaller chart you can use the small poster boards that come in a 5 pack)
  • velcro sticker buttons (keep in mind that you will need double of one side of the velcro to add to the poster board)
  • scissors
  • double stick tape
  • I also print out something like 'Chris' Chore Chart' to add to the top
Here's how I put it together...
  1. First, print off your card choice (small or large)... I personally like the large.  
  2. Cut them out and laminate them.   
  3. Print out the grid using colored paper (if desired) and laminate.  
  4. On your grid chart, add a velcro button to each square
  5. Then add the opposite velcro button to the velcro on the grid chart  
  6. Next, add all the cards to the grid... the 'opposite' side of velcro will stick to the back of the cards.
  7. Now add the 'opposites' again to the back of the cards.  
  8. Add double stick tape to the grid and add it to the bottom of the poster board.
  9. Above the poster board add all the cards. 
  10. Add title with glue or double stick tape.
  11. Trim around the poster board
Cards before laminating.

Chart before trimming the poster board.

Finished Charts

In the morning, I just put everything I want him to do that day on the top portion of the chart.  Once he's completed the task he then puts the card on the grid portion.  He's finished when the grid is full.  And,  all you have to do is grab the cards you want them to accomplish that day and move them off the grid.  SO EASY!!!


Lori said... Best Blogger Tips

I love it- thanks for sharing. Your tutorial is very helpful. I have not downloaded it before- but I plan to now. :)

The Real Me! said... Best Blogger Tips

I have downloaded it and then went, "now what?" LOL! This was very helpful. Thanks!

Monica said... Best Blogger Tips

This is BEAUTIFUL.. thanks so much!

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