Monday, September 13, 2010

Book List for History

I usually have my book lists for the year all made up by the time we start school, along with tons of resources and notebooking pages all made up. But this summer was so extremely busy that I've only made up a small part of my book list and nothing else. However, I do have lots of books in mind. We are studying American History this year, picking up where we left off last year. We will begin with the French and Indian Wars.

We typically spend 1 to 2 weeks on each section. I'm hoping to get through a lot this year, but that's always my goal ;) Life has a way of getting in the way most of the time! As I decide on more books, I'll add it to this post, along with links to other resources I find to go along.

Our spine for history this year is All American History Volume 1... we started in Unit 3. Although, we will also be using parts of A New World of Adventure, as well.

French and Indian Wars - 1690-1765

Group Literature - Calico Captive

American Revolution - 1765-1783
Group Literature - Johnny Tremain
I found the audio book of Johnny Tremain at my library. 

Framing a New Government - 1783-1800

Group Literature - Winter Hero

Pre-Civil War - National Growth/Western Exploration

Group Literature: Of Courage Undaunted
Melanie - ????

Well, that's all I've got so far... like I said I still have a long way to go. But, I'm getting there and with a little luck, I'll have it all figured out soon!

By the way, my kids are posting most of their assignments on their school blogs this year. As I mentioned earlier I've been busy and looking for resources and making them is something I just don't have time for right now. They are basically adding narrations to their blogs and we have group discussion as well. It's working really well so far. Plus, the great thing about blogs is that it's like keeping a portfolio of all their work online, where it can't get lost.

Anyway... this post is UNDER CONSTRUCTION! More to come soon, I hope!!!

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