Saturday, August 7, 2010

Rag Quilts

I love making rag quilts! When we lost our house to a fire a couple years ago we lost almost all our quilts and I haven't made the time to make more. Well, my wonderful mother (who is an avid quilter) cleaned out her fabric room (which is huge!) and gave me hundreds of yards of flannel! You can image how excited I was!!! Well, since my beautiful daughters go to school in cold country, I thought I'd make them each a new rag quilt for those cold nights.

Ali (my oldest) helped a lot with the quilts but Cassie has been in Brazil for the last two weeks and has no idea about them at all. She's been wanting to make one for a while and will be thrilled it's been done for her. They leave for college just a few days after she returns from Brazil.

Ali's quilt... she likes a more patchy type... no rhyme or reason.

Close up of Ali's

Cassie's quilt has a pattern

Close up of Cassie's

We used 10" squares and made them for full size beds. We used 8 squares across and 12 squares down. The photos were taken on queens so they fit a full much better. They will actually be on twins at school but the girls wanted them a little bigger. We also used all flannels but you could also use 100% cotton for the front of the quilt to make it a little lighter. To make them even warmer we used a piece of batting in between each square. The batting squares are 8" and we sew an "X" on each square.

Note: When I say "squares" I'm referring to both the front and the back as one square or block, I guess. :D

I'm now making one for my California king. I'm also using 10" squares for that one - 12 across and 14 down. I'm still cutting the squares for that one and will post pics when I'm done.

These quilts are super cute, easy to make and you can make them fast. We took a couple days to make Ali's because we were busy, but I made Cassie's in one day.

If you would like to make a rag quilt of your own, here is a website that gives great instructions.


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