Friday, August 20, 2010

Humanitarian Aid - Brazil 2010

Two of my kids (Cassie, 18 and Brandon, 16) had the opportunity of a lifetime this summer! They took part in a humanitarian aid project in Brazil for two and a half weeks. Back in April of this year, the state of Rio de Janeiro experienced terrible mudslides that left more then 15,000 people homeless. My kids and a group of 20 other youth went there to help rebuild homes that were affected in the mudslides. They were able to see where the major damage was done and they said that it looked as if no homes had ever been there. But, hundreds of homes were buried along with the people that were in them. It was very devastating!

While there, they worked about 10 hours every week day and the they were able to sightsee on the weekends. They visited Iguazu Falls and my daughter said if that was all they had done in Brazil it would have been worth going just to see it. She was in absolute awe of the falls. They toured Rio the second weekend. But they both admitted that they enjoyed serving the people the most. They grew to love those were serving so much.

When I met them at the airport they were so humbled and grateful for all they have. My son is already saving to go again next summer! They both absolutely loved every minute of their time there.



Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Wow!! What an awesome trip! I love the photos! Where would one find info on this opportunity?

Notebooking Nook said... Best Blogger Tips

We went through an organization called Alliance for Youth Service (AYS). It's a program specifically geared toward LDS youth. We will definitely be doing it again! Amazing!

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