Sunday, June 27, 2010

I Know That My Savior Loves Me

I teach the 5 year olds at church and this is a song they are learning to go along with this year's theme and program. This is not one of my kids or students but I thought it was so precious I had to put it on my blog. I get to hear the kids at church sing it every week and it always fills me with the spirit to hear the little children sing it.

Here are the lyrics:

"I Know That My Savior Loves Me", Friend, Oct 2002

1. A long time ago in a beautiful place,
Children were gathered ’round Jesus.
He blessed and taught as they felt of His love.
Each saw the tears on His face.
The love that He felt for His little ones
I know He feels for me.
I did not touch Him or sit on His knee,
Yet, Jesus is real to me.

I know He lives!
I will follow faithfully.
My heart I give to Him.
I know that my Savior loves me.

2. Now I am here in a beautiful place,
Learning the teachings of Jesus.
Parents and teachers will help guide the way,
Lighting my path ev’ry day.
Wrapped in the arms of my Savior’s love,
I feel His gentle touch.
Living each day, I will follow His way,
Home to my Father above.

Copyright © 2002 by Tami Jeppson Creamer and Derena Bell. All rights reserved. This song may be copied for incidental, noncommercial home or church use. This notice must be included on each copy made.

You can get the sheet music here.


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Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh that has to be the most beautiful video clip I have seen in a long time. So much so it brought tears to my eyes. What a dear little boy who sang with such earnestness. Thank you so much for sharing. It has lifted my spirits to see this. How very very precious.

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