Wednesday, January 27, 2010

United States Presidents Minibooks and Flashcards

I've just released a new title that I think will be a great addition to your study of American History.

United States Presidents Minibooks and Flashcards $2.50

This set includes:

  • Cover Art
  • 2 Minibook Options for each US President
  • Cabinet Page
  • Images for Flashcards
  • Pocket for storing Flashcards
  • 4 Flashcard Options

Minibooks and flashcards are great to add to lapbooks, notebooks, creating a timeline notebook or filing system, review, and games.

This title has also been added to my Complete Collection which is still on sale through the end of this month for only $50.00. If you haven't purchased this collection, now is a wonderful time to do so. After the January 31 the price will go up to $100.00. Don't miss out on this great price - there's only a few days left to save!



Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Question: Will you be sending the link to this new president mini book to the people who have already taken advantage of the complete collection sale?

Notebooking Nook said... Best Blogger Tips

A link was sent out to all those who purchased the Complete Collection during this month. You should have received it by now. Have a great day!

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