Monday, October 12, 2009

Walk to Cure Diabetes

Our daughter was diagnosed with type I diabetes December 7, 2008. She thought it would be fun to do this with her friends and family. If any of you are Las Vegas residences and would like to get involved you can find out more below. Donations are welcome and you can find the link for that below as well.

This event will take place in Las Vegas on Saturday, November 14. It is taking place at UNLV's North Field. Registration begins at 9am and the 5K walk begins at 10am. If you would like to join us here are some details for you...

You can register for the walk here...

Our team name is Cassie's Crew

You can donate here...

Just fill out under "Donate To a Walker"

Some of our walkers:
Betsy Stout
Ali Stout
Cassie Stout
Brandon Stout
Melanie Stout
Christian Stout
Jonathan Ellis

Team Name:
Cassie's Crew

If you're walking here's the link to the sponsor form:

Our Goals:

Each person who will walk we'd like to have them earn at least $100.00. If you just find 10 people to sponsor $10 we'll reach that goal.

If you can't attend the walk we'd still appreciate a donation - just whatever you feel is appropriate. The link for donations is above.

Our end goal is $2000.00 but I really think we can do better than that :)



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