Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Our New School Room

We are considering having desks made but going to put that off for a while.  The old folding desks have worked great for many years.

Paper storage

Small storage and built-in bookshelves above

We are having desks made that are just about finished for each of the dormer windows.  I'll probably replace this pic once those are finished.

Built in shelves and storage

Built-in storage in between the dormer windows

Storage closed 
Two white boards with built-in shelves surrounding

Both white boards are also murphy beds.  We left one bedroom out when we rebuilt the house and this is where our oldest stays when she is home.  It's great because she can bring a friend along.


Amy@homeschoolhighlites said... Best Blogger Tips

That's a beautiful school room. About 3 years ago we enclosed a side porch and converted it into a school room. It has been such a blessing. Gone are the dining room table school days!!

I LOVE that you did the murphy beds in the room and also putting the desks in the dormers-- what a wonderful idea!

Michelle said... Best Blogger Tips

Your school room is great! I love the murphy beds, too. :-)

texasmcvays said... Best Blogger Tips

This room is great! I have page on my blog in which I list homeschool rooms and I am going to link to this page and use your company name notebooking nook. Thanks for all the pages you've provided our family.

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