Friday, May 1, 2009


Electronic Notebooking

Update 4/28/12: I will be adding a tutorial for making electronic notebooking in the coming weeks.

My 2 youngest children have enjoyed traditional notebooking and lapbooking very much.  However, my 10 year old son does tire of writing and will often ask if I will write some of his narration for him.  I have done this on occasion in the past but now that he is older I often (but not always) will allow him type out his narrations.  The end result is a beautiful e-notebooking page that he can still be very proud of.  Here are a couple examples of what he has created.

The typing program we used is called Dance Mat Typing which is free from the BBC school website.

My 12 year old daughter is also enjoying e-notebooking.  Here is a sample of one of her pages.



SuzanneG said... Best Blogger Tips

Are there templates for these? How do they do it?

I have just been printing out my daughters' oral narrations and then putting a border around the page, then they draw pics, etc. But, it would be fun to have something like this for variety and to make it look more "finished."

Love your blog and learning about notebooking!!! It helps a lot!

Tracey Designs and Artworks said... Best Blogger Tips

I really like these~ have you written up any tutorials to make these, as to what would be the easiest. I have created notebooking pages to print but not as an e notebooking page. Wondering what the easiest way is to do this~ any suggestions ? thanks for any help Betsy! these are just great and will work perfect for my special learners at home.

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