Friday, April 24, 2009

Freebie - School and Chore Charts

School and Chore Charts

A collection of charts for home & school. Included are cards to add to your child's chart for both chores and school.

My suggestion for these charts would be to print them on card stock and then print the chore cards on magnet sheets. You could then use them on a white board or refridgerator. Another choice would be to also print the cards on card stock and place velcro in the blocks of the charts and backs of the cards and use them that way. I would also suggest that you laminate your charts.
The larger cards could also be printed onto magnet sheets. You could use the blank page as a guide to create a larger chart for your child or to allow your child to add other chores or subjects.


Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

I've found that the virtual chore chart works for me. I use a site called Handipoints chore charts to make printables and it's really been fun so far!

mom2ahrj said... Best Blogger Tips

just want to tell you that i am totally in love with your chore charts! i looked for so long for charts that had pictures - i was estatic when i found yours - i just posted on my own blog ( today about how i use them for my kids and linked back to this post! thank you so much for these!

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