Monday, April 27, 2009

Freebies - Middle Ages & Renaissance Mini-books and Vocabulary

We completed a study of the Middle Ages and Renaissance about a month ago and I created some mini-books and vocabulary practice to go along with our study. Some of these files are large and will take some time to download - depending on your internet speed. I hope you find these useful.

Middle Ages Mini-books
Middle Ages Vocabulary Pocket
Early Renaissance Explorers Minibooks
Early Renaissance Explorers Vocabulary
Later Renaissance Explorers Minibooks
Later Renaissance Explorers Vocabulary
Renaissance Artists Minibooks
Renaissance Artist Vocabulary & Activities


Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Thank You for the Middle Ages and Renaissance resources I am sure we will put these to good use next school year when we study this time period. I appreciate all your work.

Jennie Shutt

TJ said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks so much for sharing your hard work! These are wonderful.

Savmom said... Best Blogger Tips

We just started studying The Middle Ages & these are AWESOME! Thanks for sharing them (and for the hard work that went into creating them).


Sonia said... Best Blogger Tips

These are great, Betsy! Thank you so much for sharing these and all the other great files!

Rachel NC said... Best Blogger Tips

These are great (2,3, & 5)!! I could not download 1 and 4, I kept getting MediaFire error messages. I will try again tomorrow. Thank you for sharing them with us- you are very talented!

Rachel NC said... Best Blogger Tips

Yay! They downloaded just fine today and look super!! Thank you so much!

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